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Apartment living is changing the way we think about rental accommodation and has progressed to become the new form of hospitality.

UKO offers an operating model for landlords, delivering outstanding customer outcomes whilst maximising landlord returns in Co-living and Build to Rent apartment blocks.

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What We Do

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UKO Design

The UKO development team works hand in hand with developers from the early stages of each project to share a wealth of experience around design and delivery to ensure the best possible outcomes for customers and landlords alike.

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UKO Feasibility

UKO finance will model cashflows for developers based on market data, demographics and existing portfolio metrics which gives a developer and financier the ultimate confidence in any project before the doors open.

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UKO Asset Management

UKO hosts are trained in all areas of customer service, revenue management, facilities management and property management which is overseen by the highly experienced UKO corporate office to create a property that performs through all market conditions.

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UKO Building Communities

Building communities via the ‘Community Host’ is at the very heart of a successful building where the KPI is to create connections and tackle loneliness. UKO will facilitate community events and ‘incidental interactions’ to create personal connections, professional networks and life-long friendships.

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UKO Brand & Marketing

The UKO brand delivers a diverse and high yielding customer base which is unparalleled in the Australian accommodation sector. The UKO brand takes over 1000 enquiries each month with a multi-channel approach to marketing. UKO offers landlords unrivalled access to its direct channels, property portals and booking partners - as well as the growing UKO customer database and UKO brand initiatives.

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UKO Mobile App

UKO has developed our own bespoke mobile app, empowering residents to easily connect with their Host and neighbours, facilitating increased community engagement across our locations. The platform also enables residents to effortlessly order services and make maintenance requests, providing an added level of convenience.

Our Brands


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UKO is our flagship rental brand which places community at the heart of each building. UKO operates Co-living studios and full-sized residential apartments in blocks of 30-300 units for high net worth investors, property funds and institutional investors.

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ume is our affordable accommodation brand where flexibility and affordability ‘done properly’ is fundamental to the success of each property.

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