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What is Coliving and is it worth it for renters?

In a world that’s becoming increasingly unaffordable and isolated, people have begun to crave a new way of living that embraces the community around them at a much cheaper cost.

Coliving has become a viable solution to these issues, offering renters all the normal perks of apartment living with organic social interaction.

What does Coliving mean?

Coliving means the benefits of apartment living are combined with an improved social connection. Residents are provided their own studio apartment which comes fully furnished. The studio apartment typically includes a living and bed area, a kitchenette and a bathroom.

Other facilities, such as a larger kitchen, garden and laundry, are all common to the apartment block and shared between residents.

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Coliving Australia:
What are the benefits?

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People are the backbone of society. UKO’s coliving studio apartments allow people to cultivate deep connections with one another, encouraging regular interactions and shaping lifelong friendships.

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Shared Amenities & Spaces

Coliving fosters these connections between residents by encouraging the use of their complex’s shared spaces. These amenities vary depending on the apartment complex, but all UKO locations have great social settings only a few steps away from your front door.

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What are coliving spaces?

Shared coliving amenities include, but are not limited to, common laundry areas, rooftop terraces, dining halls, kitchens, swimming pools and gyms.

How does Coliving with UKO differ
from traditional rental properties?

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Internet provided

UKO have a wide range of apartments for rent with internet access included. We see a fast and reliable internet connection as essential in the modern world, meaning you can wave a cheery goodbye to expensive data plans and slow wifi connections.

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Furnishings included

All UKO locations offer furnished apartments for rent. This is included in your rent, representing a huge saving over going out and buying furniture that you have to take with you when you move. The furniture in our apartments is hand-picked to suit the available space and overall aesthetic of the space. If you already have your own furniture, not to worry! UKO is happy to provide an empty apartment for you to decorate in your own fashion.

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Coliving is all about community, and that extends to the locations of UKO’s studio apartments. They are all located centrally within their suburbs, allowing you easy access to some of Sydney and Melbourne’s most sought-after postcodes. This also means your home is conveniently located on the doorstep of supermarkets, shopping centres and public transport links.

Rent, security and bills

Traditional rental properties often do not include utilities like electricity, gas and water. Add to that the pressure of rent hikes and the possibility of eviction and renting can be quite a stressful experience.

At UKO, our properties are all built to rent meaning there is no chance of forced eviction due to sale. Additionally, rent costs are fixed over the term of your lease.

UKO membership includes all the utilities a traditional rental may not, such as electricity, water, gas and wifi, as well as other additions like furniture, kitchen supplies and cleaning products. We’ve calculated that you could save over $830 per month in a UKO apartment.

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Flexible stays

Another area where UKO differs from the traditional rental market is that you aren’t locked into a lengthy rental contract. Instead, UKO offers flexible stay apartments, allowing you to stay for as long as you please. This means you’re free to decide whether your stay will be a few weeks between travels, or a few years as you make your way in a new city. It’s up to you!

UKO Apartments:
Is Coliving worth it?

UKO’s coliving apartments are a money-saving way of broadening your social reach and maintaining all the benefits of apartment living. We have locations right across Sydney, including at Kogarah and at Ryde.

Visit our locations page to view a complete list of UKO locations and contact us to book a tour of your desired apartment complex today.

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